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Episode 22:

Glenn Colton

Released: August 13, 2022

About This Episode:

Glenn Colton joined Rockabilly Greg “In the Flamingo Lounge” on Saturday, July 9, 2022 for a great conversation about his career in music.

Glenn, a two-time inductee of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame (as a solo artist, Class of 2009 and as part of The Dooleys, Class of 2022) has touched the lives of many people with his music including the hundreds of thousands of Western New York youngsters. Since 1997, he has sold in excess of 14,000 CDs under his own label (Glenn Colton Shows). You can get more information on Glenn’s career and how to book him at his website. Pictured on the left is Glenn in Greenport, NY, 1984.

For more on Glenn:

Buffalo Music Hall of Fame


Pictured on the left – The Dooleys – U.S. at the Press Conference announcing the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Class of 2022, held at the Buffalo History Museum on August 9, 2022. From L to R. Glenn Colton, Paul Swisher, Joe Mombre, Greg Opalinski.

An original song from 1995, recorded in Olcott, NY with the late Mitch Metzler at Image Studios tells Glenn’s story in 3 verses.
Tom Lorentz and Glenn Colton – How Glenn Colton and Tom met, and how Tom became Glenn’s musical mentor, and friend for over 40 years.

A retrospective of Glenn’s marketing materials

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