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Welcome to In the Flamingo Lounge with Rockabilly Greg, a podcast dedicated to the musical history of Buffalo and Western New York. Stories old and new from people in all areas of music including broadcasters, musicians, promoters, artists and others will be told.

Buffalo and Western New York have a rich musical history that needs to be told. The goal is to interview musicians at all levels, from new talent to seasoned veterans, and record their stories and share for all. New podcasts will be available at 9:00 AM EST each Saturday at RockabillyGreg.com. Each posting will include a link to the podcast, website and social media links, images and other interesting tidbits about each week’s guest(s).

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Photo Courtesy of Andrew and Julie Ann Davis from Cats Like Us

My name is Greg Hennessey and my passion is music – especially music from Buffalo and Western New York. I spent eleven years as a Board of Trustee member for the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame (BMHOF) and currently serve on the board of the Sportsmen’s Americana Music Foundation (SAMF) in Buffalo New York. I have been director of the MOB (Musicians of Buffalo) with Jessie Galante, Bobby Lebel and Billy Sheehan.

As a member of the board of the BMHOF I had the good fortune to meet many local music legends including Ramblin’ Lou Schriver and Joanie Marshall, Willie Nile, Robby Takac, and many others. Listening to these great musicians tell stories of their musical journey fascinated me and led me to wanting to record their stories for posterity. Hence the podcast was born.

You may be wondering why the website is named RockabillyGreg.com? I am an Elvis fan and the guitar stylings of Scotty Moore and later, James Burton, resonated with me. Other rockabilly artists including Buddy Holly, Wanda Jackson and my favorite band, Stray Cats, spoke to my soul.

I am an audiophile and one of my great joys is collecting recordings, and memorabilia, from local Buffalo and Western New York musicians. My collection started with the goal to collect at least one recording from every BMHOF inductee. But, I started collecting vinyl records, not for the music, but for the album cover artwork. Favorite album cover artists include: Milton Glaser, Roger Dean, Frank Frazetta and Al Hirschfeld to name a few. I also had the great joy of designing the cover artwork for: Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Vinyl Volume 1.2016, with the late, great Stan Szelest on the cover.

I hope these podcasts are fun, educational and they inspire you to discover the local Buffalo scene, as well as your own music scene.

Rock On and Enjoy!

— Rockabilly Greg

*A big shout out to Bobby Lebel for the intro music and to Cats Like Us where I get my cool threads.

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