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Episode 18:

“Only” Frank Pusateri

Released: July 16, 2022

About This Episode:

EMMY Award Group Recipient, Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Inductee and Top Bassist Nominee, “Only” Frank Pusateri, joined Rockabilly Greg “In the Flamingo Lounge” on June 1, 2022, to reminisce about his lifelong musical career and musings with Jambo, Sky, Lions, The Dooley’s, Only Humen and more.

Based on a true “Gambling” story – written, lived, enjoyed and documented by world renowned musician and author “Only” Frank Pusateri. Get a copy here.

“Only” Frank Pusateri’s life changed in 1964 when he heard the Beatles. Fast forward to the current time and you can find Frank teaching, performing, recording, writing and accepting awards and accolades for his musical work. Frank was inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame in 1991 after receiving top pop bassist honors three years in a row and is the proud recipient of an Emmy Award for the eight musical pieces he wrote for a PBS Documentary – “UNIFORM BETRAYAL: RAPE IN THE MILITARY”

Frank wrote a book about his experience of a wildly wild gambling rollercoaster ride that led him to win enough money to build his recording studio and write a book about his experience.

You can read and see more about Frank and his journey at onlyfrank.com.

You can also follow Frank on Facebook.

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