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Episode 6:

Season 2 – Ida Goeckel and MaryLou Saur

Released: October 22, 2022

About This Episode:

Ida Goeckel, Founder of “Female Musicians Fighting Breast Cancer Benefit” and MaryLou Saur, guest vocalist at the 19th Annual FMFBC Benefit, joined Rockabilly Greg in the Flamingo Lounge on October 8, 2022 to talk about their music careers and the benefit, which is celebrating 19 years.

About MaryLou Saur

Stonehouse Rock ‘n Blues Band performs some well-known classic rock along with old and new blues at many venues in and around the Buffalo area, such as Abbey Square, GFY, Irishman, Sorrentino’s, Glen Park Tavern and more. Stonehouse is a 5-piece band, comprised of lead, rhythm and bass guitars, harp, drums and lead vocalist. Members of the band include: Tom Davenport–Rhythm guitar, harp, lead and back-up vocals, Paul Steinbruckner–Drums and vocals, John Schmidt-Lead guitar and vocals, Ron Trigilio–Bass and vocals, MaryLou Saur–Lead and back-up vocals. Paul and John were members of the iconic band, Rasputin, in the 70/80’s and MaryLou was a Hubcap with Big Wheelie and the Hubcaps in the 70/80’s.

About Ida Goeckel

Ida’s first exposure to music was her mother’s vast collection of soundtracks to a variety of musicals. Ida’s own 45 collection started with Roger Miller’s “King of the Road”. It wasn’t long before her music world was turned on its ear when she first heard “Wooley Bully” on her old Zenith radio. From then on, she was a rock fan and listened to a heavy dose of early Beatles. Ironically, collecting albums was never her thing, but she did have several 45’s. Her music appreciation was relegated to “Gee Dick, it had a good beat and I like to dance to it. I give it a 10”. This would later change with going back and listening to the music of her era with a renewed musician’s perspective.

As a musician, Ida started out on the piano at the tender age of 7 at the insistence of her mother, trying to address her poor fine motor skills. Her mother soon regretted this decision for the next 5 years when Ida started her half hour of practice every morning with a rousing rendition of “Wipeout”. At the age of 12, she wanted to switch to something “cooler” like the boys played and more portable for popular music jams. When her mother refused to let her learn to play drums, she chose to start playing rhythm guitar. After playing and writing original music for the next 28 years, she was introduced to the world of bass and picked up the bass in 1998, never looking back at another 6-string. Bass spoke to her. She is a fingerstyle bass player (don’t call her a bassist) who loves to nurture the groove. Rig: Plays American Standard Fender Precision basses with flat wounds through a Markbass 1×12 combo amp. Her bass icons range from the likes of James Jamerson, Carol Kaye, and Duck Dunn, to Jaco Pastorius, and Stanley Clarke. There are far too many to mention. Her previous local bands include: The Gutter Prophets, Montage Ball, No Apologies, and Big Tobacco, as well as being the leader of the award-winning R&B band, Old Skool. Currently, she is the bass player and band director of a blues outfit called Trish and the Rhythm Revival. She loves almost every type of music, and attempts to remain open-minded.

For information regarding the Female Musicians Fighting Breast Cancer, go to benefitfmfbc.org

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