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Episode 13:

Season 2 – Jeff Schaller

Released: December 10, 2022

About This Episode:

Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Inductee, Jeff Schaller, joined Rockabilly Greg “In the Flamingo Lounge” on November 14, 2022 to talk about music, Elvis and his career as a drummer.

Jeff has played and toured all over the US, recorded in LA, Toronto and NYC, and is a 2016 inductee in the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame.

Some of the bands he’s played live with in recent years include The Darts, Black Rock Zydeco, Soul Patch, Leroy Townes, Kathryn Koch Band, Coda, Chris Barron (Spin Doctors), Stoneflower, Tiger Chung Lee, McCarthyizm, Ed Wyner Band, The Allen Degenerates, Leon & The Forklifts, Kickstart Rumble, Black Rock Beatles, and The Billievers.

You can check out videos of Jeff playing with the following bands by clicking the links: LeRoy TownesCodaFirst WardThe DartsSoul Patch

Jeff is also a graphic artist and has utilized his talents to design numerous album covers for regional and national bands.

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