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Episode 15:

Season 2 – Richard Sargent – Round 2

Released: December 24, 2022

About This Episode:

The first guest on the podcast, Richard Sargent, joined RockabillyGreg “In the Flamingo Lounge” on November 15, 2022 for a follow-up conversation on his career in music and they reminisce about their time with the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame.

Rockabilly Greg and Richard Sargent

From Richard’s Bio on BMHOF.org – Richard Sargent helped get the careers of many artists off the ground and included producing BMHOF band Weekend’s album “Together”. He has also worked with Transcontinent Records/Best & Gold Distributors and Amherst Records. He produced singles and albums featuring Weekend, Caesar & The Romans, The Road, Fare Trade and Crimson & Clover all of whom each achieved significant radio play and sales.

Nationally, Richard was part of the promotional campaign for ZZ Top’s “AfterBurner” and “Eliminator” album. The “Eliminator” album had sales of over 12 million copies even though it was projected to sell a half million. He has worked with Mushroom Records, Roadshow Records Chess/Janus Records and as VP/Promotion of Sire/Warner Brothers. He was also the VP/Editor of “Feedback and Hitmakers” Magazine (Record and Radio Tip Sheets). In Canada, he produced the album “Pisces Rising” by a group named The Bells, that netted (4) Top-10 Canadian singles.

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