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Episode 5:

Season 2 – Stu Weissman

Released: October 9, 2022

About This Episode:

Guitarist Stu Weissman joined Rockabilly Greg “In the Flamingo Lounge” on October 6 and had a lively conversation about music and his career.

Guitarist Stu Weissman has been on the local music scene since the early 1970’s and while often considered first and foremost as a jazz guitarist he is also is conversational in the blues and funk genres as well. Originally from New York City, he came to Buffalo in 1969 and with the exception of a one-year hiatus has been here for the last 50 years. His earlier years saw him playing mostly on Buffalo’s East Side where he performed with his mentor and friend (guitarist) James Clark. In 1974 he became a member of the famed Colored Musicians Club.

In 1980 he joined and became a member of the “Buffalo Jazz Workshop” where he revived the Buffalo News – Albright Knox Summer Jazz Series. Since that time, he has been a leader of his own jazz duos, trios, and fronted the jazz fusion group “67th Ave” in the early 80s.

In or around 1981, Dr. Jim Mabry, head of the Buffalo State Performing Arts department brought Stu on as a part-time Adjunct Instructor of Guitar. During his 17-year tenure Stu taught bass and ensemble playing as well.

In recent years some of the very young up and coming locals such as Hayden Fogle and Declan Miers have sought Stu’s coaching, as well as more seasoned performers such as BMHOF inductee Jack Civiletto, performing musicians Steve Kruppner, and Jim Russert.

Currently you can find Stu playing weekly at the Sportsmen’s Tavern in Buffalo’s Black Rock section and he often performs with vocalist DeeAnn DiMeo.

Stu Weissman’s 70th Birthday Celebration – Contributing to the video: Reggie Evans, DeeAnn DiMeo, Vincent Bonelli, Jay Moynihan, Avery Weissman, Jeff & Kim Miers, Jim Rusert, James Clark, Tom Schuman, Craig Warner, Eric Crittenden, Chas DelPlato, Ida Jean Moscato & Frank Giardina . Audio by Ethan Weissman & Reggie Evans. Video by all. Guitar – Ethan & Avery Weissman, Vincent Bonelli, James Clark. Bass – Avery Weissman. Drums – Reggie Evans. Vocals – DeeAnn Dimeo, various
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