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Episode 3:

Season 2 – The Dooleys – Greg Opalinski & Paul Swisher

Released: October 1, 2022

About This Episode:

Greg Opalinski & Paul Swisher, from the Dooleys, 2022 inductees in the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, joined Rockabilly Greg “In the Flamingo Lounge” on September 21, 2022.

Paul Swisher and Greg Opalinski from The Dooleys “In the Flamingo Lounge, September 21, 2022
The Dooleys, past and present, all gathered to rehearse for the 2022 Buffalo Music hall of Fame Induction ceremony. From left to right: Paul Swisher, Frank Pusateri, Paul Weisenberger, Greg Opalinski, Glenn Colton, Tim Wright, Joe Mombrea, Dick Bauerle, Jack Prybylski.

Seeds of The Dooley Brothers Band were planted in 1970 when Paul Swisher and Gregory Opalinski met as 10 year old boys in MPP (Major Progress Program). MPP was (and still is) an educational juggernaut in which hand selected, high achieving students are plucked from elementary schools across the North Tonawanda Public School system and subsequently immersed in a college-type atmosphere designed to challenge their developing minds and stretch the boundaries of their academic and creative limits.

Greg and Paul have been performing together since those early days, and are being inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame with other regular members: Glenn Colton, Tim Wright, Paul Weisenburger and Joe Mombrea.

For more on the Dooleys, got to their official website: thedooleybrothersband.com You can also find them on Facebook and YouTube.


The Dooleys released their first vinyl LP, “Peace, Love & Kindness” in October 2020. Ongoing COVID-19 protocols have thus far hindered promotion and live performance of the album. But they look forward to promoting it in the future.

The release of the triple vinyl album, Life and Death In Pandora’s Box has generated thousands of dollars for the Ted Reinhardt and Bruce Brucato Memorial Scholarship. Both of these albums can be purchased at George Puleo’s Apples and Oranges Store in Kenmore NY.

Please pray for peace and kindness … The world needs it! XXXOOO, The Dooleys

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