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Episode 17:

Season 2 – Tina Williams and Gus Walters

Released: January 7, 2023

About This Episode:

Tina Williams and Gus Walters join Rockabilly Greg In The Flamingo Lounge to talk about their musical aspirations and their new skate punk band Murder!

Tina Williams“If you have ever been defeated, in love, the victor, the villain or the thief, you will find something to cling to within the sounds of Tina’s voice.”

Tina Williams is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Buffalo, NY. She has worked with acclaimed producers and musicians all throughout the area. Tina’s background is gospel, country, rock, and folk and she transitions those genre’s effortlessly into punk. She delivers a fresh vocal take to a well-worn and stylized genre.

Gus Walters“Gus must be a big deal, he’s got an IMDb.”

Gus Walters is a multi-award-winning singer-songwriter from Buffalo, New York. Most known for his work in the former Buffalo based band, Dirty Smile. Gus’s career accomplishments range from winning multiple awards for co-writing songs for the “Pepper Project”web series as well as winning the Northeast region of the Hard Rock Competition in 2014 with the aforementioned band. Walters has opened for bands like Weezer, Brand New, Sheila Divine, Theory of a Dead Man, Dennis DeYoung, Tea Party, and the Ron Hawkins led “Lowest of the Low”.

Murder! (LtoR) Mario Nobilio – Bass guitar, Tina Williams – Lead Vocals, Gus Walters – Guitar/Vocals, Jake Gibbs – Drums

“Murder!” is a high-octane skate punk | melodic hardcore band from Western New York. This is not your “average punk” band. Founded by Gus Walters and Tina Williams in early 2022, the creative duo set out with the “Murder! Mission!” of “keeping the energy up and the tempo quick”. The goal is to break the mold of the current “pop-punk” nursery school rhyme formula currently inhabited by wealthy milquetoast artists and emphatically deliver the message that “punk is not dead”

Aiming to create songs harkening back from the 90s skate punk revolution of bands like Pennywise, Strung Out, Bad Religion, and Face to Face, “Murder!” Looks to inject “songs within songs”, teasing the listener with punk hooks, genre defining drum lines, and finally delivering a satisfying listening experience to the end user.

Below are videos of songs that were discussed during the podcast.

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