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Episode 8:

Season 3 – “Just Sal” Marino

Released: May 6, 2023

About This Episode:

Keyboard player, “Just Sal” Marino, who has played with the Diane Kallay Band is was a founding member of the Chicago Authority, joined Rockabilly Greg “In the Flamingo Lounge” on March 30, 2023 to talk about his music and his relationship with Terry Kath from “Chicago” and Jimmy Greenspoon from “Three Dog Night”.

“Just” Sal Marino has been playing keyboards since he was 12 when he talked his parents into buying a piano (which he still has). Life threw a few roadblocks …jobs, family… but Sal never lost the love of music. He is a founding member of “The Chicago Authority”, a well-known “Chicago” tribute band in Western New York. He has played locally with some wonderful groups; “Take Cover”, “Rogue Planet”, and “Red Rain”. He has also had the opportunity to sit in with “Hit ‘N’ Run”. Sal is currently working on a project involving the music of Jimmy Greenspoon from the legendary band “Three Dog Night”. He was nominated as one of the best keyboard players at the 2018 Buffalo Night Life Music Awards.

This Chicago Stained glass was a gift to Susan and Lee Loughnane when they were married. Susan was cleaning out her barn and gifted this to Sal Marino. The frame was created by Sal’s son, Andrew.

On the podcast, Sal spoke of his social media posts. Below are some excerpts:

January 12, 2023

Long before The Chicago Authority first hit the stage, rehearsals were essential. We studied and learned our parts at home. Something magical happened along the way. We felt and energy. We felt a bond among us. We became brothers. All of us had a few clams from time to time. And we learned and grew. …. A very special time and a very special group of people. Love them all.

Peace & love. Sal

February 17, 2023

To be part of this music family from the beginning…. Priceless. Each one truly is a music brother. From the very start, there was a unique chemistry. Although my role has changed, I have the honor of playing a few tunes with them from time to time.

Peace & love. Sal

March 21, 2023

Been away from my keyboards for quite some time. I finally got back to them today. It felt right. I have 2 keyboards set up now. Thinking of setting up another pair. Each keyboard has its own sound and feel. Each has its own character.

Not sure what is ahead as far as performing. I know the Diane Kallay band will have a few shows later. It is an honor to play with that band.

Music , for me, is a language that speaks from my heart to yours. To see you smile brings an indescribable feeling.

Peace & love. Sal

March 23, 2023

Every musician I know gets a bit nervous or apprehensive as he steps on the stage. The thoughts that run through their minds seem to have no end.

On one particular show, I was very nervous…. Almost scared. I looked up and saw band mates who I had admired for years…. And now I was going to be performing with them. One of them came up to me and sensed what I was feeling. With one short phrase that I’ve never forgotten, he settled me down and we had a great show. What did he say? “ You belong here”.

Peace & love. Sal

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