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Episode 24:

Season 3 – Spiria – Mikayla and Johnny Manke

Released: August 26, 2023

About This Episode:

Brother and sister Indie dream-pop duo Mikayla and Johnny Manke from Spiria, visited the Flamingo Lounge on Thursday, August 17, 2023 to talk about their music and new CD.

Their close chemistry as brother and sister shows in their music and performance and together they create colorful, dreamy soundscapes with lyrical melodies floating over intricately crafted piano lines and drum parts.

Where the Pink Blossoms Resonate
Artwork by Kassidy Manke
Recorded / produced at Mammoth Recording Studio

Spiria’s debut album “Where the Pink Blossoms Resonate” is now available on all streaming platforms. CDs will also be available for purchase at their shows, and through mail (DM them on FB!).

“Thanks to everyone who inspired us to get these songs out in the world. We hope you all enjoy your listening experience.”

“Thanks to Joey Bastian for playing bass on the record and Jonathon Rizzo for featuring on “Scars” with acoustic guitar.”

“Scars” from Nickel City B-Sides
“In the Water” from Nickel City B-Sides
“Cherry Blossoms” from Nickel City B-Sides
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