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Episode 13:

Season 4 – Melissa Sauers

Released: December 9, 2023

About This Episode:

This week’s guest In the Flamingo Lounge is singer, songwriter, multi-Instrumentalist, recording artist and a bandleader, Melissa Sauers. She joined Rockabilly Greg (and Zooey) on Saturday, November 4, 2023 and reflected on her music and performed some original music.

Melissa Sauers was born to sing us into a better world. At age 8 she climbed a willow tree in her family’s back yard singing out the Disney classic “A Whole New World” to whomever could hear. A school music teacher handed her a clarinet the next year. Family stuff kicked off writing original songs at age 17 with a guitar handed down from her brother. Melissa graduated from SUNY Fredonia’s program for performing arts.

Melissa has performed with the Dixieband Jazz group, Fredtown Stompers with her band Lunar Eyes and as an acoustic-based solist. She is currently finalizing an album with her band Lunar Eyes that has been in the works for the last five years with an expected drop date of early 2024.

She has been embraced by an alliance of icons of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame: Bob James, Marc Hunt & Howard Fleetwood Wilson II for the Melissa Sauers Song Project producing a series of tracks at the Buffalo Music Vault.

Bob Silvestri, Best of WNY  described Melissa’s song “A Wasted Tomorrow”: “This girl has a mellifluous four octave voice and can flat out sing!” Melissa perfomed a solo acoustic version of this song on the podcast.

You can follow her on Facebook, listen to her music on SoundCloud and find videos of her on Youtube.

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