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Episode 26:

Season 4 – Richard Sargent (Round 3)

Released: March 9, 2024

About This Episode:

In January 2024, Matt Aquiline, who was a guest on the podcast in 2023, and also runs a Facebook page entitled “Buffalo & WNY Garage Bands” posted a clipping from the 1965 WKBW 16-hour Variety Telethon featuring over 65 local performers. One of the bands on that broadcast, The Avantis, featured this week’s guest, Richard Sargent. No stranger to the podcast, Richard was the very first guest and returned to share more stories on Christmas Eve in 2022. He now marks the season finale.

We discussed in detail the telethon’s bands and the story behind the article. As a special ending, “She’s Gone,” The Avantis’ only recorded song that was included on the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame’s Compilation CD IV and Compilation Vinyl Album Volume 1, 2016 is featured at the end of the episode.

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