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Episode 6:

Season 5 – EVR – Eric Van Rysdam

Released: April 20, 2024

About This Episode:

L to R: Scott Miklasz, EVR (Eric Van Rysdam), Bernie Kugel, Bob Kozak. Photo from the McVan’s Historical Marker Fundraiser, Wednesday December 6, 2023 © Greg Hennessey

You may know this week’s guest from many places. If you were in the Fredonia area in the mid 80’s, you’ll know him as a DJ from BJ’s. You may know him from his days at Record Theatre. You may him as “The guy from Home of The Hits”. Or you may know him as the DJ from the Old Pink “who plays the best music you’ve never heard”. Many know him simply as “EVR”.

Eric Van Rysdam visited the Lounge on March 25, 2024 and reminisced about his early days in music, his time at SUNY Fredonia and the many projects he has been involved in over the years. It is very fitting that this episode was launched on Record Store Day, 2024. Take a walk back in time and enjoy some great stories from “EVR”.

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