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Episode 16:

Season 5 – Iron Works – Grace Vesneske and Josh Holtzman

Released: June 29, 2024

About This Episode:

This week’s guests, Grace Vesneske and Josh Holtzman from Buffalo Iron Works joined Rockabilly Greg In the Flamingo Lounge on.

Grace Vesneske & Josh Holtzman

Grace Vesneske is a force within the music industry, bringing her unique blend of creativity, strategic vision, and passion for positive change to every project she undertakes. With a deep appreciation for the arts and a commitment to community and social responsibility, Grace seamlessly combines her love for music with her dedication to making a difference.

As a seasoned professional in the music business, Grace has honed her skills in talent management, event coordination, and experiential activations. She has a keen eye for coordinating events and a knack for crafting innovative strategies to elevate events while staying true to the vision. A visionary entrepreneur with a passion for creating unforgettable moments. As the proud co-owner of Buffalo Iron Works and co-founder of Twenty6 Productions, Grace has built a reputation for transforming ideas into extraordinary experiences. From the outset, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish a venture dedicated to curating seamless and remarkable events and then co-owner of her favorite community spot, Buffalo Iron Works! From day-to-day operations to developing programming, she has a hand in all departments.

Josh Holtzman’s career began while operating a merchandise company which worked closely with touring artists to meet their needs on the road. From there his career grew into artist management, touring, booking, and business management. In 2014 he set his sights on a newly opened business, Buffalo Iron Works, and successfully took it from a local bar into a nationally recognized live music venue hosting over 250 concerts, private events & fundraisers each year. His work within the venue has allowed a once abandoned historic building to become a valuable asset in the resurgence of downtown Buffalo, NY. As of 2023 he owns the venue alongside his partner Grace Vesneske. Both of them own and operate Buffalo Iron Works & Twenty6 Productions keeping them in tune with both the music industry and events industry on a daily basis.

In 2020, during the pandemic, Josh co-founded Twenty6 Productions with 15+ years of experience throughout the music & event management industry alongside his partner Grace Vesneske. Twenty6 Productions is a full-spectrum event production agency, navigating the intricacies of event planning from inception to applause, setting new standards in what extraordinary feels like. In just a few short years, Twenty6 Productions has gone from a Buffalo based company to now serving clients in 10 different states across the US. Some of our favorite clients include The Buffalo Bills, Coca-Cola, M&T Bank, The Buffalo Sabres, Six Flags, Step Out Buffalo, Whiskey Riot and many more.

With Twenty6 Productions now three years in and Buffalo Iron Works hitting its 10-year mark, Josh has built a dynamic team alongside Grace who truly love what they do on a daily basis. Both companies are excited to see what the future holds!

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