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Episode 5:

Season 5 – Smac! – Oscar Woodrich and Maegan Jones

Released: April 13, 2024

About This Episode:

This week’s guests In the Flamingo Lounge are Oscar Woodrich and Maegan Jones from Smac! We had a great conversation on music and, as an added bonus, Smac! Debuted the Flamingo Lounge mix of the first song off their new EP “Liar” which will be out Fall of 2024.

Jazzy. Soulful. Powerful. Those are the words fans use to describe this week’s guests. Directed by singer-songwriter Maegan Jones, and multi-instrumentalist Oscar Woodrich, Smac! is ready to take the musical world by storm with Maegan’s majestic vocals, Oscar’s groovy guitar licks, and the expert drumming of Manny Cupeles. With a little bit of funk, jazz and friendship – Smac! will bring a new revolution driven by love and art.

You can get more information on Maegan, Oscar and Smac! on Facebook.

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