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Episode 13:

Season 5 – Tom Stahl

Released: June 8, 2024

About This Episode:

This week’s guest is Buffalo Music Hall of Fame inductee, Tom Stahl. Tom joined Rockabilly Greg in the Flamingo Lounge on May 6, 2024. Tom’s musical journey started by driving around in a truck full of paint saying, “Would you like paddles and strainers with that?” One day, he hurt his back. He went to the doctor and said, “Doctor! Doctor! It hurts when I do that.” The doctor said, “Don’t do that.” Tom Stahl then started writing songs. And the rest, as they say, is the future.

Tom’s solo journey has seen him play with Buffalo legend Michael Meldrum and Through the years, Stahl and his band, The Dangerfields, have shared the stage with the likes of Don McClean, America, Three Dog Night, Buddy Guy, Osborne, and many others.

For more information on Tom Stahl (and the Dangerfields) check out his website: tomstahlandthedangerfields.com and on Facebook and Youtube

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