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Episode 22:

Season 2 – Mike Campbell Family

Released: February 11, 2023

About This Episode:

Mike Campbell, drummer for the award-winning band Suckerpunch, joined Rockabilly Greg In the Flamingo Lounge with his daughter Jayden Campbell (Amphobia) and son, Jaryd Campbell (Bloodline) to talk about their music and the connection that music brings to a family.

Mike Campbell with Suckerpunch – Photo by Carl Cedarman

Mike Campbell is a musician from Buffalo, NY, currently the drummer of cover projects, Bloodline and 10 Below as well as a Rage Against the Machine tribute, Evil Empire. Mike was also the drummer and co-founder of the band Suckerpunch which rocked Western New York from 2003-2015. An alternative rock drummer who also sings back-up vocals with his bands, Mike and Suckerpunch have been recognized with multiple Buffalo Music Awards including winning Best Alternative Rock Band from 2004-2011 until Suckerpunch was put into the “Hall of Achievement”, and Mike was recognized with the “Best Rock Drummer” award in 2012. Mike has been a singer/song writer since the early 90’s and has played bass, and guitar in multiple original projects up until the formation of Suckerpunch in 2003. Mike continues to perform in clubs and festivals all across Western New York and is supported by his amazing family!

Jaryd Campbell (Bloodline).
Jayden Campbell (Amphobia).

Jaryd Campbell is a bass player from Buffalo, NY, and who comes from a family of musicians! He is a trained saxophone player (Baritone/Alto) since he was in 4th grade. His love for music came from his parents, and there was always a drum set and a guitar or bass in the corner. Jaryd picked up all three instruments (drums, guitar, and bass) as a young man, and now he plays the bass / backing vocals in a modern rock cover project with his father, Mike Campbell, called Bloodline as well as a Rage Against the Machine tribute band, Evil Empire. Jaryd is becoming a go-to for other bands in the Buffalo area who need a bass player, so he’s been filling in with another band called Impact Amongst Others.

Jayden Campbell is a multi-talented musician from Buffalo, NY. Jayden is currently enrolled in the Sound Recording Technology program at Fredonia State College where she is also the lead guitar player and singer for her band Amphobia, who recently won the Battle of the Bands at Fredonia State College. Since a young lady, Jayden has studied the flute and saxophone and she also performed in many school musicals. She is a self-taught player of the guitar, piano and ukulele and she has been deemed to have “Perfect Pitch”. She hopes to graduate from college and pursue a career either in the film industry or maybe go out on tour with Amphobia.

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